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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Player builders program

Due to the fact that we had to reject a lot of otherwise very good good builder applications due to things like age (minimum age to sign an NDA is 18) or not having a good work record in another game, Lyrian has opened a new player building system and is requesting applications to join it.

Anybody with good writing skills and minimum dedication can apply and will be in charge of building small mini areas (blocks of a few rooms with a vaguely described theme and a writing style to adapt to). Once a player builder is assigned to a mini project, he'll be given more information about it, but a good deal of effort will be made on not disclosing detailed information about the game to avoid the need for a NDA and allow players of all ages to build.

Once accepted by Lyrian, you'll gain access to a reserved area of the forums where mini projects will be posted so if a player builder is interested he can apply. Once Lyrian assigns the project to him, she'll send him more detailed information like an area map, sample texts to have an idea of the style needed, etc...

Lyrian will be in charge of assigning areas to player builders and approving them if they have the required writing quality for Ilyrias. Each approved mini project will give you angelstone (the higher amount and quality of your work, the higher the amount of angelstone earned) wich is the Ilyrias equivalent to IRE credits, the game pay-per-perks currency. Eventually you can be promoted to full time builder, if you want to be. It's a good way of earning some angelstone to start the game with, and prove yourself as a builder to the Ilyrias team, even if you don't have enough time to complete full areas of over 300 rooms as our full time builders are doing or cannot sign an NDA.

If you are interested or want more information, contact Lyrian via email (lyrian(at)ilyrias-dot-com) or register in the Ilyrias forums if you haven't already done so and send her a private message. For your application to be considered, please be sure to include a few room samples and an estimate of how much time you can put on working for this project, as well as your age and anything you think will help Lyrian choose you over everybody else. Lyrian will contact you with more information if your application is accepted, and you'll be given access to the player builders area of the forums.

Remember that with this system you won't gain access to any undisclosed knowledge about Ilyrias as full builders do, so you'll be able to earn angelstone without having to sign an NDA, so you can apply even if you're not 18 years old yet.

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