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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What is a good game? Part VI

Thus far we have discussed many aspects of how player versus player combat leads to a better game. In this article we will look at the last remaining part, afflictions and curing them.

For those that dont know, afflictions are a main aspect of our system. Afflictions can slow your opponent down, increase your damage against them over time, or give a very short lived boost to any damaging attacks. Curing them normally involves the use of some herbs, potions, salves, or skills.

In other affliction based PvP combat systems, such as Achaea, you eat an herb and the affliction is instantly cured. You then wait a few seconds before you can eat another herb. In our attempts to add more depth and options to our world, we have decided to change this basic system slightly.

In Ilyrias there will be two types of herbs. One is like the above example, eat it and be healed instantly. The second type has a delay of one to two seconds before curing, but the recovery time is lowered. This means if you need to heal something right away, you can eat the first type of herbs. If that affliction isnt too serious, or you are being hit with many afflictions, you can opt for the delayed cure. By using the delayed cure, you will be able to eat a second herb in a shorter time span.

We feel this small change to our combat system will have a fairly large effect on how people view player vs. player combat in Ilyrias. By giving you this choice, we are adding depth, without increasing the difficulty of getting into combat. You could always choose to ignore the second type of herb, and only pick the instant curing ones. We believe those that embrace this change, and really learn when to cure what; will gain an advantage of those that only use the instant cure style herbs.

This will be the end of our discussions on player vs. player combat. In our next addition we will begin to look at some of the ways we have made bashing, or leveling, more interesting. The major change is the AI system we have added, as well as the NPC feelings. Players will begin to gain fame and infamy, much like some of the larger graphical games, such as Oblivion, have done.

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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