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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What is a good game, Part V

We briefly mentioned follow-up attacks in our last article, but what are they? They are another element of PvP and PvE, or bashing, combat. Another addition, that we feel adds more depth to combat without making it too complex to learn the basics.

A follow-up attack is an attack that naturally does well after a previous one. For example, a back-fist after a roundhouse punch or a fire based attack after an ice based attack. How do we incorporate this into Ilyrias?

As an expansion off the minor balance that we discussed in our last article, follow-up attacks come with risks. Any attack made on minor balance will always have an increased balance time, and normally an increased chance to miss. Follow-up attacks are a bit different, but they still have the increased balance time. Let’s look at our back-fist and roundhouse punch example in more detail.

A normal punch might do 60 damage, with a balance time of 3 seconds. A normal back-fist might do 40 damage with a 2.5 second balance. As you can see, the punch is always better to use, more damage over time. A back-fist is designated as a follow-up attack for punch, but how do we use it and what does it change? If my last attack was punch, and I’m currently on minor balance (that last second of balance time), I can choose to wait one second or attack again. If I choose to attack with back-fist, the balance time increases to 3 seconds but the damage also increases to 80! Now by back-fist is BETTER than my punch.

Now, to add another level to our combat, we have anti follow-up attacks, things that just don’t work well together. To use our example with punches, back-fist is a poor follow-up for a back-fist. If I were to do a back-fist after a back-fist, and on minor balance, it would still increase the balance time to 3 seconds. The damage would be LOWERED to around 20, not a very effective attack.

You won’t know which attacks are good follow-ups for what, some we will tell you though. For the bulk of the attacks, you will need to discover it on your own. To give you a hint though, they will be logical and the attack messages for them will change if it was a good follow-up or a bad follow-up.

As you can see, this part of combat is something one could just completely ignore. The more advanced fighters will take the time needed to learn how to utilize this aspect to overpower their opponents. Another aspect of combat that we really hope will add depth and enjoyment over all.

Come back for Part VI where we will be discussing how curing of afflictions will work in the world of Ilyrias.

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