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Friday, June 02, 2006

Players and NPC's

Hunting, Bashing, Leveling, etc... how ever you want to call it has always been a boring aspect due to the simple structure most games give for NPC combat. Most games kind of just throw it in there, without giving much thought to how much time the average player will spend on it... well NOT us!

Over the last two days we've been working on coding a system to give our NPC's special attacks, not those boring "The orc slashes you." style ones from the old days. Every one of our NPC's will have their own unique attacks, with unique abilities. Some of you may be familiar with this, as most bigger games have this feature. Whats so special about ours? Our NPC's don't attack randomly!

Each one of our attacks will have requirements for the NPC to do it, such as needing 2 arms free, not being tied up, opponent being prone, etc... What, a tied up NPC? Yup, you will be able to afflict our NPC's with most things you can afflict a person with.

Once the NPC decides it's time to lay the smack down, the system will look at his list of available attacks, and from that build a list of attacks he can currently use with his status. After this, the system will determine what would be the best attack for him to use next, be it damage/afflictions/etc. From that much smaller list, it will almost randomly choose one(if there is more than one). Only sentient NPC's will be able to choose the best attack, your brain-dead and animal types will randomly choose one from the list of attacks he can use at the time.

Sound interesting? Well lets make it a bit better. Just like players, sentient NPC's will be able to cure those afflictions you can give them. Using basically the same methods that a player would, the NPC will choose what is the most important thing to cure first, and cure it. For those brain-dead types, they will be able to cure the simple things(like a net) with some effort, and some afflictions will slowly fade from them. Some afflictions may not effect the animals as they would a player or sentient NPC.

Just another way we are trying to make the world of Ilyrias a bit more interesting for you, as well as foster roleplay a bit more. By making our NPC's "smarter" it should help people view them as more than just walking punching bags.

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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Blogger Larkin D'Ischai said...

I could see this becoming a much larger and more complex part of the system than intended in the original design. With new skillsets come new attacks, new afflictions, and maybe even new cures. As someone who has written several curing systems for two different IRE games, I can attest to the fact that such a system is a monumental task and can be difficult to get it right. Maintenance is easier than the initial development, but it's still something that needs to be considered as it comes back up again and again.

Still, this sort of combat with denizens sounds very intriguing and it's something I've wanted to see for a long time.

7:00 AM  
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