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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Updates on Ilyrias development

Right now we are doing things in a seemingly disorganized manner, though there are reasons for why each part is being done like this.

The basics of Organizations are just about done, and now just things like creating ranks and politics are being worked on.

Doors/locks/keys are close to being done, due to special/elevational style exits they are more complex than one would think.

Balance has been created, as previously mentioned, which led to the need to make a special type of messaging routines. These routines are basically an easy way for us to send the right attack message to the right people(caster, target, witnesses). Those were finished yesterday, and once we write a few good ones for Kick/Punch/Backfist we will show you how they look now.

Due to having started a little of the basic combat stuff, we have decided to work on a sort of "can do ability" check. This is basically one large routine that we can quickly decide if someone meets all of the requirements(such as mental strength, endurance, balance, etc) without having to reproduce basically the same code everywhere. This just means that when we get to coding skills, they will be a lot faster and easier.

We have also started to design more of how we are going to handle the special attacks that NPC's will do. Unlike some other worlds, our NPC's will be prone to many afflictions which can effect their ability to use certain attacks.

Closely related to those special attacks, we have also started work on a scripting language that builders will use to make NPC's more dynamic, and for quests.

As you can see, many things are being done at basically the same time, but most of them are so closely related that they really have to be worked on simultaneously. Over all things are still moving at a good pace, in fact we appear to really be a week or two a head of schedule!

Thank you again to everyone that has given us comments and idea's, they have been a great help for us to make the game YOU want to see. Also thank you for your support on TMS, we are currently two votes away from 28th place, and our game isn't even in testing yet!

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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