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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Skill Effectiveness System Revamp

After some initial testing we decided to change the rate of decay, and do away with the SKILL FREEZE command.

Here is how we have changed it:

If you are over 100% effectiveness you will have a heavy drain to deal with. The equivalent of about 40-50 uses. For a balance time of 4 seconds, this would mean around 3 minutes of your time to combat the drain, per hour. While we know this is pretty bad, this should make it extremely hard to keep more than 2 abilities over 100%. That is the goal.

If you are above 75% but below 100% the hourly drain is around 7 uses per hour. This is about 28 seconds of time per hour, for abilities that have a 4 second balance time. It's fairly small, and should serve it's purpose of making sure you use your abilities to keep the 100%(which is what most people should want their skills to be at).

If you are below 75% effectiveness, there is no drain at all.

Once you reach the maximum effectiveness, there is a buffer zone you can train into, which is about 30k uses. It has NO effect on how strong your ability is, it merely serves as a sort of reserve uses that have to decay before you lose effects.

To add it all up, if you were at the max buffer it would take you about 25 days to use up that buffer. Then another 8-9 days to decay down to 100%, from there another 30 days to decay to 75% which is where it will stop. We feel this is more fair, and as balanced as we can make it until we are ready for true play testing.

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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