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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Roleplaying in Ilyrias

There have been many questions about what type of Roleplaying will be in Ilyrias, thus we have decided to give you a little information about it.

In Ilyrias there will be quite a few forms of conflict to help induce a more roleplaying friendly atmosphere. A few of them are listed below:

Science vs. Religion

One of the key conflict points of Ilyrias is science and religion. In Ilyrias the administration will not play god roles as you are familiar with. Instead they will be more hidden, as a large group of players may choose to roleplay as someone that does not believe in the gods. Science is mainly a new thing brought with the coming of the civilized people. To the savages this just looks more like magic, and not a magic they like.

The savages are more spiritual, following more natural methods of survival and communing with spirits. Many of the civilized view such things, and all forms of religion, as false beliefs. The only true "god" is that of science, which they have learned to use to change the physical realm around them. There are still highly religious people within the cities, whom still worship the gods of old. Many of these people wield great powers, that the scientific community just plays off as mere tricks, not real power.

It is our hope that this conflict will prove a new and interesting roleplay aspect for our players. Perhaps even some savages decide this "science" is a good thing, breeding a whole new type of roleplayer.

Savages vs. Civilized

This is not your normal cities vs forestals, but something deeper and more dynamic. The savages, as the civilized like to call them, are the original inhabitants of Ilyrias. They lived a good life, with occasional fights between groups, while worshiping the spirits. They only used what they needed to survive, and tried to keep the balance that always was.

Then the civilized came over in their ships, and they build the cities. These cities go against what the savages believe, wasting the resources that the spirits have given to them. This new science that the civilized used was dangerous and wasteful, not what the spirits have told them is good. The civilized even went so far as to say the spirits are not real, what blasphemy! Some savages may have changed their views, and started to follow one of the cities many religions or scientific orders, but most of them hated these new comers.

This is the other key aspect that we have, which should breed a nice atmosphere of conflict, and betrayal, by both sides.

Building of cities and other organizations

As the game progresses, more cities or savage villages, will be added. We will not be adding this, it will all be handled by the players! All other organizations, such as guilds and political parties, will also be formed in the same manner.

While not an easy task to accomplish, the ability to build a city also creates and interesting roleplaying opportunity. In order to accomplish this ultimate goal, you must get many organizations to leave the city they have pledged to support. Of course, the losing city is probably not going to like this very much... exactly the kind of thing that creates interesting stories. Think of the political intrigue and backstabbing that this type of thing could create. Not to mention the large amount of social effort and network building it will take for one group to actually accomplish the building of a new city.

These are just a few of the roleplaying aspects we have planned, perhaps later we will give you some more teasers.

Disclaimer: Any references to histories or relationships between organizations are subject to change as we develop the world more

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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