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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Player suggested skill ideas

Another week is just about over, how time flies when you're having fun.

We spent some time the other day reading all of the player suggested skill idea's, in detail, and found eleven that we think will be good additions with some modification, and two more that will be good for reference.

The three that Baram liked the most were Mages, Arcanology and Street Fighting. He feels those need little modification to fit with what we have in mind.

Spirituality we think might work well if we split it into branches. Using the lower half of the skill set as a base skill for anyone, then splitting it off into one branch for each religious order. Then keep the original second half as a branch anyone can take. Obviously to take the religious branch you would need to be in an order following that god/religion. Later we need to design a similar skill for the Scientific orders.

Polearms and Mining were labeled as references. Mining we have already put a good deal of thought into, but haven't fully developed it yet. As for Polearms, we aren't yet sure how we want all the weapons things to work. When we do decide, we will keep that skill set in mind for more idea's.

Many others were chosen as good ones, that just need some more tweaking to fit into our vision for Ilyrias better.

The new builders seem to be learning quickly, and there are still a couple more we want to interview.

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