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Monday, May 01, 2006

Online Text Editor and Organizations

During the last week we have continued work on Organizations, which as I said is a huge project. Hopefully that will be finished some time this month.

The text editor is completely finished with a few nice features, such as:

1. Ability to move multiple lines of text without having to manually copy it, delete it, and insert it again.

2. Ability to insert up to 60 spaces instantly. This is a major improvement as Rapture will remove any spaces before the first letter/number, which makes ascii art hard to do. With this ability ascii art can be done with the in game editor.

3. Ascii art works, for those familiar with other in game editors you know that often the formatting gets lost. With our file to file style of editing(where other companies store it in a giant text field before putting it into a file) this formatting stays exactly as you made it.

4. Ability to add color to your news posts, books, etc. We haven't decided exactly how this will work, but most likely you will either need to have certain colors of ink in your inventory or a full writers set of ink to use the colors.

5. Everyone gets their own, persistent, clipboard for cut/copy/paste. As a built in feature you can cut/copy multiple lines of text and paste them back later. This clipboard only gets erased when you cut/copy something new. That means you could copy something, like a signature, and repeatedly paste it at the bottom of every post you make... forever.

6. Ability to insert/append text before/after any text on the current line. In many other systems you would have to copy the line you wanted to append to, delete it, then paste it back and add the text.

7. A search and replace function. This allows you to search your current line of text for any one word, and replace it with another. Makes fixing typo's quick and easy.

We've been looking over the applications we've received so far, and have found a few that may be contacted soon. There's still time to get yours in if you wish to apply, and we hope you do. The more builders we have, the faster we can count on things being opened to the public.

Our news system just began it's initial phase of development, and hopefully will be a fairly quick addition. Once Organizations are fully functional news will be integrated into it and be completely finished.

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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