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Monday, May 22, 2006

New addition, the luck system

As was mentioned in the IRC, we have completed work on our luck system. In short, this will mainly be a system used for punishment for those that can't stay IC, but also for a reward to those really good role-players.

Here is how it works, without administrative adjustment:

Everyone starts at 0 luck, which basically means nothing changes.

Every time the system would need a random roll, such as for to hit, it instead makes a luck roll. First the system makes a normal random roll, in the case of to hit that is a 1-100. Then it checks your luck, be it good luck or bad luck. If you pass the luck check then it will make a second random roll.

If you are in good luck, it will take the better of the two numbers. For to hit you want a low number so it will use the lower one. If you are in bad luck then it will take the worse of the two numbers, in this case the higher one.

How does luck go up you ask? Well that one is simple... by luck. If you roll the best possible, your luck will adjust for the better. In the case of to hit that would be a 1. If you roll the worst possible, again in this case that would be 100, then your luck goes down. Later we may also add in some quests and perhaps skills that can help adjust your luck.

Over time your luck will slowly decay back to the base of nothing.

Luck will show up in your status, as a general message. For example "You are extremely lucky." is the best thing you could have. You will also know when your luck increases or decreases.

We feel this is a little different from what most games use, and hope it will be an addition you all enjoy.

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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Blogger Gardener said...

I was hoping for this all along... just about to post it on the forum, but it seems as though there's something missing. I treated luck as a componenet along with happiness. The more happy you are, the more luck you'll get. And from that, luck can be increased through toys, firework, lots of [ :) ] amd all that. What do you think?

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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