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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mobile AI

One of the major new designs for Ilyrias is regarding the artificial intelligence of our non-player characters in the game world, otherwise known as mobiles. Most of you who are familiar with other MUDs, and MMOGs in general, will know that the killing of mobiles for experience, items, money or for the purpose of completing quests is an important part of almost any of them.

However, the actual attention given to how fun this activity (whether you call it bashing, hunting, grinding or whatever else) is, is generally pretty minimal considering how much time players spend doing it. We at Persistent Realms want to try to spend far more energy making this activity enjoyable, because after all if you're spending a lot of your time in Ilyrias fighting mobs, and if you're having fun doing it, you're having fun during a lot of your time in Ilyrias.

For this reason, we are intending to include several new features in our mobile AI, including:

* Mobiles that heal themselves when injured, unless unable (see below).
* Afflictions for mobiles, ranging from mental maladies to physical wounds, affecting both how able the mob is to attack (no knights hitting you when you've just broken their arm) and how able it is to defend (if you've caused uncontrollable rage in your target, they may not even remember to heal or protect themselves).
* Combat styles - all mobiles will fall into a particular combat style, making them more aggressive, defensive, more willing to afflict you or simply trying to crush you with damage and others.
* Intelligent attack choices - no more random attacks that may not even be effective against your character. Our mobiles will choose what to attack you with based on their combat style, your current afflictions, health and mental strength, and their own afflictions - just because you've chopped off the black knight's arms and legs doesn't mean he can't still bite you to death!

That's all we're going to say for now, but look out in future for more on our mobiles and their AI!

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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