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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ilyrias Alpha testing date released

Persistent Realms announces a tentative Alpha testing data for November-December 2006. Also, player input is welcome in the design of new skills, dedicating an entire board just to submit skill set ideas. Ilyrias skill system is classless and organization independent, so balance will be one of the biggest challenges, but this will allow the players to customize even more their characters and allow for greater Roleplaying opportunities.

If you have ever wanted to have a say in which skills your characters have, don't hesitate to post your ideas. Those are the skill sets the game will start with, but there will be the option for player organizations to submit fully customizable skill sets in the future.

To see the official announcement check the Ilyrias forums.

Persistent Realms LLC Development Team for Ilyrias, the Aegadian Isles.
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